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In today's time of economy slowdown where increasing headcount of the organization is no longer feasible, the HRs face the challen-ge of getting the more out of the existing work-force. read more
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HumInt bridges the gap between Indian SMB and IT.
06 October 2008
With its unique value proposition to the customer, HumInt brings out its first line of SaaS based products in the market. Products encompasses all the IT needs of a
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Education Sector

Boom in economy, globalization and improved standards of living are responsible for fostering exponential growth in the Educational Sector in India. For any investor, Education Sector is becoming the safest bet since people have realized its importance. In spite of this favourable drift, poor system of education and dragging improvements in the current system are the prime concern of both government and industries, as talent crunch poses a great threat to them. Though current methodologies and curriculums are held responsible for this, it is equally true that poor management of institutions is also a big reason for this. With growing sector market capital and size of institutions, use of modern management tools has become inevitable for this industry. Educational institutions need to adopt IT in order to manage and process the huge amount of data these institutions possess. For this purpose, HumInt has various IT offerings catering to the Education Sector:

University Management Information System

HumInt's UMIS solution allows you to store and process your administrative information. The solution assists you in maintaining the huge amount of critical data of your institution. The user friendly interface can be used by anyone without any prior training and has high degree of visual appeal.

Finance Module specific to NGOs need

This Finance module has been tailored to the special needs of the NGOs which follow separate Tax Norms. The application handles all your financial transactions as per the Tax regulations applicable to your institution.

Identity Management

Our Identity Management solution offers you to organize your student database as per your requirements. This ensures speedy search and access to the desired information which saves you time and effort.

University wide ERP implementation

Our unique ERP solution tailored for University wide implementation is a boon for any institution. This solution provides you the capability to place all your data centrally and then allows you to process and manage it across your institution. Apart from UMIS, Finance Module and Identity Management, it also has an integrated Library Information System (LIS) and Inventory Management application

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