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In today's time of economy slowdown where increasing headcount of the organization is no longer feasible, the HRs face the challen-ge of getting the more out of the existing work-force. read more
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HumInt bridges the gap between Indian SMB and IT.
06 October 2008
With its unique value proposition to the customer, HumInt brings out its first line of SaaS based products in the market. Products encompasses all the IT needs of a
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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) solution is intended to revolutionize the decision-making process of your organization. It helps you transition from traditional intuition based decision making to the information based decision-making. BI forms the backbone of our ERP solution, taking into account your entire business functionalities and generating reports on your whims. These reports can be further transformed to CAR (Causal Analysis and Resolution) analysis and analysis based on your set KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Thus, integrated with our ERP solution, our BI solution helps you see the 'Big Picture' and provide you a base to make decisions seeing in the past, monitoring the present, and looking into future for predictions. When used as a stand-alone application, it empowers you to generate customized reports and different forms of graphs for analysis purpose, offering you the choice of your database from the list of the standard DBMSs available.

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HumInt's working philosophy is described best through following words, "By our applying innovations, the client acquires excellence".
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ehabitat - home automation solutions

Enter into a world where your house will wake up with you. It is the dawn of an era where your
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